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2017 by Redlands Christian Center


What will you be fasting for 20 days?  We would love to hear your answer below if the Holy Spirit has moved on your heart to share with us!

And you, Jesus made alive.  He raised you up when you believed! For it is by grace, God’s remarkable compassion and favor, drawing you to Christ, delivering you from judgement and giving you eternal life through faith.  It is a gift from God! 

(Ephesians 2:1-9 Amplified & Paraphrased)

Get ready to celebrate Easter - the resurrection of Jesus!  You are invited to embark on a 3-week journey of prayer and fasting with the family of God. This fast is patterned after Daniel, who for three weeks ate no pleasurable or desirable foods. (Daniel 10:2-3) 



Who: You and the Holy Spirit



What: Pray and select a food item(s) and/or drink item(s) that you very often eat/drink and “fast” or restrain from eating /drinking them during this time period.  Instead of food or drink, you may want to fast a daily activity such as television, games, or social media, etc.  The focus of the fast is not on the lack of these foods or activities, but spending this time drawing closer to God and developing a more intimate relationship with Him!  Instead of the time being used for self-gratification the time is exchanged for partaking of the Bread of Life– JESUS!  (John 6:35).  



Where: Anywhere!  You pick and choose when and where you fast.  Each day we all will be fasting from our selected food, drink or activity, reading the same scripture together and focusing our prayers and thoughts on Jesus, who died and then was resurrected to give us life!  Daily check our Facebook page for the day's scripture and prayer OR simply click on the links below.



When: April 1 thru April 20



Why:  You will find that the prayers are for the most part taken directly out of God’s Word.  This helps you study and learn God’s Word and getting it into your heart.  It is also an effective way to learn to pray.  If we are speaking God’s Word over our lives and circumstances, we are assured we are praying God’s will!  His Word and His will are the same.  Through daily prayers and meditation, each of us will become stronger and be more focused on making Christ our Center.  As II Timothy 2:21 NIV, states, we are becoming those instruments for God’s special purposes!  God has great plans for us!

This 3 week journey will end on Easter Sunday when we gather in corporate celebration of the completed work Jesus finished at the Cross and His resurrection.  



So, let's get started! Daily click on each button to begin your fast or view days 1-20 HERE




Dedication to the Lord 
The cleansing power of the blood of Jesus
Commitment to Seek God First
Think on these Things
Bless the Lord O My Soul
Renew my strength so I mount up w/ wings
of Eagles
Create in me Clean heart—restore my joy
Overcome By blood of Lamb
Cast down vain imaginations & bring evil
thoughts into captivity
Pray for Wisdom—Revelation
Enlighten the Eyes of my understanding  and help me know the hope of my Calling
To Know the exceeding greatness of His Power
To Know the gift of God and His grace to receive the power of His promises
Recognize we are ‘builded’ together a holy habitation of God
The name of Jesus
The Riches of His Glory 
Be strengthened with might by His Spirit
Rooted and Grounded in love – a new Commandment
Vessels of Gold & Silver
Unto Him be Glory and Praise 
compiled fast