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Summer Right Now Media Picks For You and Your Family  

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Jesus’s Farewell Message: FRANCIS CHAN

This summer, leave your “part-time” faith behind and step into a deeper relationship with Jesus.  Experience his love, wisdom and guidance for you and your family’s life! 

Journey with Jesus: TONY EVANS

Pack your summer bags and head on over to Israel with Dr. Tony Evans for an experience in the Holy Land.  Take a walking tour of Jesus’ ministry with Dr. Evans and his family and experience the Holy Land like never before.

Talking with Your Kids about Jesus: NATASHA CRAIN

Sometimes talking to our kids about Christianity can make it feel like we have a messy spiritual house.  Journey with author Natasha Crain for ways on how to talk to your kids about Christianity, where she offers parents tools and encouragement on how to be an intentional parent, with the end goal of your children knowing and loving Jesus.

Summer YouVersion Picks For You and Your Family  

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Six Characteristics of a Strong Family

Researchers studied families in over 30 countries to determine 6 characteristics of strong families.  Despite geographical and cultural differences, the families in the survey shared 6 distinct characteristics.  Find out what they are and how to begin to apply them to your family!

Victorious Families

One of our top priorities should be taking care of our home.  If the world tries to break up our family, we must fight to restore it by asking God for direction.  How then in times of destruction, can we restore our families?  In this devotional, we will reflect on how Noah's family overcame and fled destruction by edifying their home.

God’s Foundation for the Christian Family

A family is more than the house they live in.  So, as important as it is for a house to be built on a strong foundation, how much more should Christians strive to build their families on God, the strongest foundation?  Find out how with this 4-day devotional.  

52 Bible Verses to Teach Your Kids

Each of these 52 Bible verses is formative to our understanding of God, the world, and our lives.  Read the devotional with your child(ren).  Ask them the question and have them read the confession out loud.

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