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2021 summer activity

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* Recources: YouVersion Bible App - Travel Light by Life.Church & Right Now Media - Lost Baggage

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Just like a backpacker, there's just certain things that we can't take along. It will weigh us down. Why are we carrying all the things that God never intended us to carry? We carry family brokenness, financial pressure, regrets over bad decisions, missed goals, etc...

In 1 Peter 5:7, God asks us to give our baggage to him and then ditch anything that's slowing us down, which is found in

Hebrews 12:1

be a recovering overpacker!

Let's leave some more room for God!

Trade in: darkness for light, stress for peace, anger for joy and regret for freedom. The more we carry from God; the lighter we are.

week 1: letting go of offenses

We are called to pray for those who offend us AND forgive them. Don't take your own road of always being offended; go down God's road. Don't travel with weighted down dread and despair - instead pack His peace, presence and light.


What's a relationship in your life that's creating pressure? How will you let Jesus in you relieve the pressure?


Matthew 5:43-48

week 2: letting go of shame
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Shame creates a false sense of our own self-image. Let go of the shame and embrace the value He places on us. Reject the lies that you have believed in the past and ship your shame off with a one-way ticket back to hell.


What lies have you believed about yourself? Identify them and start declaring God's truths instead.


Micah 7:19, Hebrew 4:16

week 3: letting go of stuff

Jesus has set us free! Do not let yourselves be burdened again by a pile of stuff. We are under huge social pressures to consume more and more. Your buying choices not only take up physical space, but also much time and can cast a shadow over your daily worship with God. How much time and money do we waste on things that we don't need? We could be more productive and make more room for the Holy Spirit.

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In what ways have you allowed stuff to get in the way of loving the Lord?


Luke 12:15, Luke 12:22-32

week 4: letting go of control

Let go of the grip that you think you have on your future and hold your plans in open hands lifted to God. Whenever you are in control, and not God, pieces never really seem to fall into place quite right. Quit trying to cram your little puzzle piece into where you think the chosen spot is. God has the best aerial view; trust Him for guidance on where to place that puzzle piece.


What's something you're holding with a tight fist? What's your first step for letting go of control?


Philippians 4:6-7 and Jeremiah 29:10-14

week 5: letting go of worry and regret

God didn't create us to live in fear. Don't carry worry; a heavy baggage that God never intended us to hold. Fear of missed opportunities, financial ruin, derailed relationships, etc. can grow into constant worry about the future, which often leads to decisions that create regret about the past. Letting go of worry also works for living free of regret.

What are you regretting or worried about? Trust God with it, then remind yourself of some truth about who God is and who He's made you to be.


Matthew 6:25-34, Mark 5:36

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Email us at to share your thoughts about week 4.
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