2022 california assembly bills

Our Lord is calling on us to take and exercise our authority over CA Assembly bills.  Below are the abortion bills that are being voted on in Sacramento by the health committee.  Please pray and if possible call! Your actions are essential. 


AB 2223 – Decriminalizes infanticide by including "perinatal death due to pregnancy-
related causes". The bill doesn't define the term.
-Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/19/22

AB 1918 - Establishes a taxpayer-funded scholarship program to train students to
perform abortions and pay for all related education costs, including loan forgiveness.
Scholarships are conditioned on willingness to perform abortions.
-Re-referred to Assembly Higher Education Committee on 5/18/22

AB 1940 - Expands a "school-based health centers" program to improve student health
in K-12 schools, including "reproductive healthcare services" which is code for chemical
and surgical abortions.
-Re-referred to Assembly Education Committee on 5/18/22
AB 2091 - Companion to AB 1666. Declares other states’ subpoenas null and void,
effectively protecting sexual abusers or abortionists fleeing prosecution in other states.
-Re-referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/12/22
AB 2134 - Provides grants to abortion providers to provide abortions at no cost to
patients who don’t have insurance that covers abortions; forces private health insurers
to advocate for pro-abortion coverage.
-Re-referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/18/22
AB 2320 - Creates taxpayer subsidies for abortion clinics in selected rural and urban
counties to improve access to abortion. These tax dollars won’t be available to pro-life
clinics, just clinics that provide abortions.
-Re-referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/19/22

AB 2586 - Funds abortion clinics, and targets pro-life clinics for elimination, labeling
them as "fake clinics" and sets up a committee designed to eliminate them.
-Re-referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/19/22

AB 2698 - Makes a technical, non-substantive change to the wording of existing law
defining what constitutes an unauthorizes abortion. It adds the word "the" to the existing
​-As of 2/19/22 hasn’t been heard in committee

SB 1131 - Shields contact information including home address of both election workers
and reproductive health care workers to protect them from "harassment". 
​-Re-referred to Senate Judiciary Committee on 5/19/22

SB 1142 - Provides taxpayer funding for “direct logistical and practical support” for
abortion patients to travel to California, including travel, hotel, lost wages, and child care
while the mother is getting tax-payer funded abortion in California.
-Re-referred to Senate Appropriations Committee on 5/19/22

SB 1245 - Funds a pilot program to expand abortion access in Los Angeles County as a
hub for abortion tourism. 
-Re-referred to Senate Judiciary Committee on 5/19/22

SB 1375 - Eliminates standardized procedures and physician oversight of Nurse
Practitioners (NPs) performing abortions. Permits assessment of fetal viability by NPs,
certified nurse-midwives, and physician assistants instead of doctors.
-Re-referred to Senate Appropriations Committee – hearing 5/19/22

SB 1400 - Creates a special private cause of action against anyone who publicly posts
identifying information or photos of abortion service patients, providers, or assistants.
This builds upon SB 742, increase the damages to no less than $25,000. SB 742 is still
on hold pending litigation.
-Re-referred to Senate Judiciary Committee on 3/23/22

 ***Both sides of the house--assembly and senate--will have to hold various meetings and have to approve the bill and agree on any amendments before it is sent to the governor. Most of the abortion bills are in the beginning stages.

What you can do:

1. Continue praying throughout the process - you can pray that these bills don't even reach the governor's desk. You can also pray that the CA Future of Abortion Council (the organization supporting these bills) will be dismantled. 

2. Contact legislators.