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change me fast

April 1 - April 16

Praise God we are the head and NOT the tail! WE celebrate Easter and come to church because we love Jesus! We choose to remember God’s resurrection power demonstrated to us when Jesus arose from the dead! Jesus defeated sin and death at the cross. HALLELUJAH!! As for us and our household, we ARE serving the LORD!

As we celebrate this season, we are encouraging every household to “Fast” between now and Easter and set aside some special time to draw close to God and be thankful for our salvation. Here are some tools to help each of us do this and something we can all do together as the household of faith at RCC.

Join RCC’s corporate time of fasting to ‘Change Me’ from April 1 - April 16. You can ‘fast’ things like a dessert, a meal or maybe an activity you do on a regular basis that you enjoy like a favorite TV show. These are just a few ideas. The important part is not just going without, but spending time with God by reading His Word, praising Him or just being quiet before Him, thinking or meditating on HIM!



WATCH Tony Evans "Fasting: The Key to Spiritual Victory" Watch (at least No. 1: "The Importance of Fasting") sometime between April 3-10th. 
*** We encourage you to continue the series and learn about the power of fasting..
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Starting Palm Sunday, April 10, watch one session each day of Kyle Idleman: The Easter Experience. There are 6 sessions, so one each day will take you through Good Friday, April 15—Also, the Jewish Passover Holiday. 
celebrate Passover with us in person or online, Wednesday, April 13 from 6:30-7:30PM pst. We will learn about Passoverand the spiritual and prophetic significance to His Church.
Join with the family of God on Sunday, April 17th as we honor God and celebrate
Easter! Jesus is Alive!
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