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What will you be fasting for 12 days?  We would love to hear your answer below if the Holy Spirit has moved on your heart to share with us!

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And you, Jesus made alive.  He raised you up when you believed! For it is by grace, God’s remarkable compassion and favor, drawing you to Christ, delivering you from judgement and giving you eternal life through faith.  It is a gift from God! 

(Ephesians 2:1-9 Amplified & Paraphrased)

Get ready to celebrate Easter - the resurrection of Jesus!  You are invited to embark on a 2-week journey of prayer and fasting with the family of God. This fast is patterned after Daniel, who for three weeks ate no pleasurable or desirable foods. (Daniel 10:2-3) 



Who: You and the Holy Spirit



What: Pray and select a food item(s) and/or drink item(s) that you very often eat/drink and “fast” or restrain from eating /drinking them during this time period.  Instead of food or drink, you may want to fast a daily activity such as television, games, or social media, etc.  The focus of the fast is not on the lack of these foods or activities, but spending this time drawing closer to God and developing a more intimate relationship with Him!  Instead of the time being used for self-gratification the time is exchanged for partaking of the Bread of Life– JESUS!  (John 6:35).  



Where: Anywhere!  You pick and choose when and where you fast.  Each day we all will be fasting from our selected food, drink or activity, reading the same scripture together and focusing our prayers and thoughts on Jesus, who died and then was resurrected to give us life!  Daily check our Facebook page for the day's scripture and prayer OR simply click on the links below.



When: April 1 thru April 12



Why:  You will find that the prayers are for the most part taken directly out of God’s Word.  This helps you study and learn God’s Word and getting it into your heart.  It is also an effective way to learn to pray.  If we are speaking God’s Word over our lives and circumstances, we are assured we are praying God’s will!  His Word and His will are the same.  Through daily prayers and meditation, each of us will become stronger and be more focused on making Christ our Center.  As II Timothy 2:21 NIV, states, we are becoming those instruments for God’s special purposes!  God has great plans for us!

This 12 day journey follows Bible readings from Ezra, a prophet of God, led by the Spirit of God, who showed the people how to pray and get miraculous results and deliverance during times of great trouble.

The Backstory

Just over 2000 years ago, Jesus was living His life knowing that as Passover was approaching, His life and indeed the World would be forever changed.  He was headed to the Cross to offer His life in exchange for offering a New and Living way for every single person who would choose Him! We can look at history and understand what was happening to Jesus as He was about to be crucified.  We understand now that it was God’s plan for Jesus to submit to the cross in order to become our Savior!  But imagine the chaos, confusion, anger, fear and all the turmoil for those living at that time who saw Jesus, the man who was their living miracle worker die on the cross! They thought they had lost everything.  They could not see into the future to understand that their life with Jesus was now on a new track.


Now, about 2000 years later, as we approach the 2020 Easter/Passover season, we suddenly find ourselves in a place of uncertainty most of us haven’t experienced in our lifetime.  Life today, with quarantines, food and supplies in high demand and economic uncertainty-we can maybe understand and identify with those living in the time Jesus was crucified.  Feelings of loss, worry, fear or depression. 

These feelings are certainly natural-but we can choose to remember that Jesus didn’t stay dead!  Even though Jesus was separated by death at the cross from His Father and those living at the time, He rose up!  Easter/Passover reflects the time that has allowed us to choose to receive what Jesus completed at His resurrection and rise up above the natural circumstances.  Jesus defeated sin, sickness, poverty and death at the cross!  II Timothy 2:10.   When we choose to turn our focus on Jesus and His completed cross experience, we choose life!  Every fear, failure, loss, sickness or defeat gets swallowed up by the abundant life in Jesus Christ!  Jesus came and went to the cross so we could have life and life more abundantly!!  John 10:10. The thief, Satan, is exposed with his false crown (corona in Spanish) of lies, sickness and death.  John 10:9.  

So, this Easter/Passover season, let’s choose to focus on the abundant life through Christ, fast and pray with your brothers and sisters in Christ!  Choose something you daily like to eat or you daily like to do as part of your normal routine and let it go.  Time you would spend enjoying this activity, focus on what Jesus has done for you and focus on His way, His truth and His life! John 14:6. Spend time with Jesus each day and join with us on this journey of drawing nearer to Him by fasting and praying and following along this daily devotional and corporate prayer.

Let us draw closer to God, our families and our Church. This time of fasting from April 1 to Easter Sunday on April 12, we will follow Bible readings from Ezra, a prophet of God.  Ezra, led by the Spirit of God, showed the people how to pray and get miraculous results that brought deliverance during times of great trouble!  God is no respecter of people and He will do the same for us today!  



So, let's get started! Daily click on each button to begin your fast or view days 1-12 HERE




Consecrate a Fast
Seek God First
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Be a Living Sacrifice to God
Separate Yourself from the Ways of the World
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Grace for this Time
God’s Unfailing Love
God’s People Humble Themselves and Pray!
Follow the Commands of God
Be Doers of the Word and not Hearers Only
Know the Exceeding Greatness of His Power
Unto Him Be Glory and Praise
Jesus is Alive – Happy Resurrection Day!
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